Therapy and Treatment

At Prime Med of Ozark, the doctors treat a range of disorders and diseases from Primary Care, Acute Pain Management, Psychiatry and Neurology. A proper medical check-up can often be crucial in determining potential individual health problems, prevention options, or even to make early diagnoses.

Prime Med of Ozark's philosophy is firmly focused on the individual and aims to help patients face the second half of life with the most positive attitude possible. Under the supervision of medical professionals, patients are given advice and encouragement to take personal responsibility for their lifestyles, with the support of comprehensive medical check-ups and diagnostic tests. We also focus on prevention instead of repair, through a unique combination of highly competent doctors and cutting-edge technical equipment that seeks to constantly update the clinic’s program of medical check-ups to incorporate the latest research. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of preventive checks in order to identify diseases at as early a stage as possible and to help patients to live healthy, productive lives. Our preventive check-ups are also available – these focus on early detection of disease in bronchi and lungs, heart and circulation, stomach and intestine, thyroid gland, kidneys and bladder.

We invite you to browse below the range of treatments that our highly experienced doctors administer.